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This website is maintained by Jim Tucker, founder and former owner of Tucker Electronics Company.   Over a 50 year period, this company sold a large amount of new and used test equipment.   We had a large lab to refurbish equipment and accumilated a large inventory of manuals over the years, many of which were sold on eBay in recent years.   We no longer have equipment, parts, or original manuals for sale.   We wish to thank our many thousands of customers who did business with us over the years.    This website will sell only digital copies of manuals and will be operated by me.

This website will provide digital downloads of some 3000 older, rare test equipment manuals.    The description area provides important information about each manual.    These digital copies were made all as PDF’s over a period of years.  We were not involved in selling manuals at that time and made these for our own use primarily.     The quality of these PDF’s varies and may not be  as good as some offered on the internet.    We will guarantee that all are readable and will be offered with a guarantee.    If you are not satisfied with the manual copy, we will refund your money.   We have found that enlarging the schematics on the computer frequently makes them more readable than the original in the manual.    

if you have an urgent need for a manual for a digital copy of a manual, please send me an email today to  jtucker@tuckerelectronics.com.    It will take some time for me to get all the manuals listed.    

Jim Tucker

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